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Orico International


If we sip the wine, we find dreams coming upon us out of the imminent night.

— D.H.Lawrence

Orico International

Orico wine is produced on Portiavalle Chateau and Maxwell Chateau, located in Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale of south Australia respectively, thanks to their unique soil conditions and climatic conditions to produce Shiraz, Grenache, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and other grape varieties.

McLaren Vale, which is also one of the earliest grape growing areas in Australia. McLaren Vale is on the south side of Adelaide City, less than one-hour drive from downtown Adelaide. The whole area is undulating and has beautiful streams. Due to the adjustment of the ocean and mild temperature , the produced Shiraz wine is not only strong taste and with sweet ripe tannins, but also very elegant and meticulous changes, and quite durable, as you known, Mclaren vale is one of Australia's best producing areas. The wine varieties include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Grenache, such as the production of Orico Little Ruby, Boulevard and Good Time series.

Barossa Valley is famous for producing Shiraz, which is well-known birthplace of Australian wines. It is about one-hour drive from the city of Adelaide(capital of the South Australian). The valley has rolling mountains, fertile soil and with the Mediterranean climate, all which are benefit to produce beautiful red wine and pretty white wines. The brewed wine on here is rich taste and attractive aroma, including Merlot and Chardonnay, such as Orico 1259 series and 1159 series (produced by Portiavalle).

Both chateaus use exactly the same traditional techniques, based on strict control of yields, manual harvests, and numerous tasks that are carried out by hand all through the year. Little or no chemical fertilizers are used. This is a real organic farming method. With open fermentation, from picking to bottling, grapes are entirely our own production. The excellent geographical location and picking season in the south ensure the good brewing of the grapes. The old French oak barrels in the winery shape the mature and calm structure of Orico.

Orico hired a group of wine industry professionals in the both two wineries, every series Orico wine is an wonderful encounter with this excellent land and our winemakers, which shows that our professionals are Professional, Concentration and Credibility And Integrity.


Creeds OF Company



Credibility And Integrity

A Tradition Of Excellence

Wine of Orico is from two chateaus, one is Maxwell Families and the other is Grigoriou Families.

Maxwell Families started making wine in 1979. Located in beautiful Mclaren Vale, with Mountains and streams, Maxwell Families always keep their passion of their wine and grapevine. They believe that “Life’s too short to drink bad wine”. From Planting and brewing, Maxwell Families never stop pursuing to brew delicate and elegant wine.

Orico International

Orico International

Grigoriou Families, located in old Barossa valley, with Four generation of brewing experience, is a family business. They supply health wine of South Australia over than 35 years, which is long-standing and traditional enterprise on wine field with good wine quality. Grigoriou Families plant their grapevine on planting area of the Barossa valley to make the wine special and taste the original flavour.

From beautiful Mclaren Vale to old Grigoriou, Australia is a amazing land! And this creating our Creeds: Professional, Concentration and Credibility And Integrity.