1159 Chardonay

Made from a selection of wines from the best terroirs in Portia Valley.

Tastings are carried out all over the Glenside region to find the most successful wines of the year with a view to creating blends in the tradition of the finest Glenside that favour balance over woodiness.

The wines selected are mainly from the Portia Valley.


1159 Chardonay



  • Vintage 2014

    • 100 % Chardonay

    Summer conditions were warmer than average with two heat waves through January and one in February, which tested the limits of grapevine tolerance to  heat. Early in the season were high speed winds which reduced berry set, and the size of canopies. Rain in February rehydrated vines and freshened up vine leaves and started a pattern of cooler daytime temperatures which allowed fruit to finish ripening with moderate temperatures. The moisture boost also helped improve fruit balance on generally low crop levels.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Colour: Bright, pale straw.
    Nose: Refined and aromatic, combining citrus notes (grapefruit, lime) with aromas of exotic fruit (passion fruit).
    Palate: Fresh, lively and seductive, very aromatic; exotic notes on the finish.