Little Ruby Merlot

With extended oak maturation and traditional, gentle handling, our Little Ruby are super premium wines that are not only incredibly beautiful to drink, but also tell a story about Grigori family history.

Grigori Family is a family with a long tradition and heritage in the Australian wine weinemaker, with a strong tradition of over delivering on the quality of their wines. Grigori make, source and supply only the very best wine that the most prestigious wine regions in Australia have to offer.


Little Ruby Merlot



  • Vintage 2015

    • 100 % Merlot

    This year the vineyard is irrigated by drip irrigation with moisture monitoring and good drainage. Vintage is from late January until mid April each year, and harvesting is all done by machine in the cool of the night. Fortunately, our dry environment rarely has rainfall during harvest so there are few factors during this time that can spoil the fruit of our labour.

    tasting notes (at bottling)

    Colour: Deep crimson-purple.
    Nose: Intense and seductive, mingling aromas of red fruit (raspberry and blackcurrant) with notes of candied liquorice and spices.
    Palate: The palate is lively and fresh, medium bodied with plush fruit characters, cherries, plum, blackcurrant and fine silky tannins combine with subtle oak to create a soft and round finish.

    This wine is made to enjoy upon release, however it is expected that it will continue give excellent flavour at 4 to 6 years of age, assuming satisfactory cellaring conditions.